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Ride Levels.

Catering for the enthusiastic rider, keen to maintain good fitness, Tyne Valley MTB Cycling offers 2 distinct categories to its members which overlap and offer progression.

MTB Level 1

For fit, competent mountain bikers with some or a lot of experience
(MTB2 riders welcome when ready)

Terrain: Open country, usually local(ish) / rural, sometimes remote and challenging; Note: some minor roads and country lanes to provide essential links; visits to trail centres

Standard: XC (cross country): self-reliant, adequate to well skilled, reasonable stamina; Freeride: red and black routes (trail centres)

Bikes: full sussers, good quality hard tails or E-bikes

Rides: generally pacy, all types of technical, singletrack and distinctly adventurous

Programme: to match the above profile – day rides (local, up to 1 hour’s drive, other parts of the UK and abroad), Summer evening rides, Wednesday evening Winter rides with lights, weekend trips, week-long trips

Frequency: fortnightly on Sundays + optional rides alternate weekends including some alternate Saturdays (tbc) + choice of midweek Summer evenings

Duration: up to 5 or 6+ hours (day rides); up to 3 hours (evenings)

MTB Level 2

For less fit riders keen to gain more experience and improve their riding skills without being under pressure; keen to improve

Terrain: Easy open country, usually local (ish) / rural, sometimes fairly remote; Note: some occasional use of minor roads and country lanes; some visits to trail centres

Standard: XC: learning to be self-reliant, keen to acquire appropriate skills and build up stamina; Freeride: blue and easy red routes (trail centres)

Bikes: full suspension bikes, hard tails or E-bikes

Rides: less pacy, easy technical, some singletrack ideal for those aspiring to be adventurous

Programme: to match the above profile – day rides (local, up to 1 hour’s drive, up to 2 hours drive for weekend trips), Tuesday evening rides

Frequency: Sundays – most usually alternate fortnightly to MTB1 + Wednesday evenings (summer)

Duration: up to 3 or 4 hours (day rides); up to 3 hours (evenings)