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Monday 22nd February 2016 at 7-30pm 

Venue: Café Enna, far end of Tyne Green, Hexham, NE46 3HQ / Tel: 01434 608154


  1. Re-election of officers 
  2. Chairman / Treasurer’s report   
  3. Comments from Duncan Wise: Northumberland National Park Visitor Manager  
  4. Programme for 2016 – James (principles) / Ted (dates) & James 
  5. Events for 2016 – Sandstone way sportive / North Pennines marathon (Paul)
  6. AOB
16 members
5 guests 
Apologies (16 received) 
Allen Muffett, Pat Annable, Andy Holland, Ian Lindley – live too far away
Dave Crowe – working in Monaco
Ian Hendry – in NZ
Jonathan Waugh – working in France
Michael Smith – Henshaw Parish clerk mtg
Ali Tye – moving house
Alan Mitcham – on holiday
David Crompton – at Lochgilphead
Dave Whalton, Graham B, Trevor Payne, Dave Tomlinson – other commitment
Angus Liddle

There were no proposals for change of officers and no objections for current officers continuing. 

Chairman Ted Liddle read his report for 2015 which contained details of the core group or committee. The point was made that this is not an exclusive group and members only need volunteer to join it. The report is available separately.

Finances: Ted reported the finances were in a good health but the plan is to increase our funds quite dramatically in 2016 to invest in cycle projects. No detailed accounts were provided as a new third account will be for club tours where most money transactions take place. 

James Swabey overviewed the new financial structure and comments were taken.

Oliver Coats has been appointed to revamp the club’s website and shared his thoughts how this would be structured.

Duncan Wise from NNPA gave an informative talk about the background to the Sandstone Way which the club has been, and continues to be, involved with.  

Paul Marshal reported on the proposal to run the North Pennines Marathon I late July this year organised by High Fell Events with a contribution being made to club funds. A request was made for volunteer marshals.

Barry Kemp from High Fell Events spoke briefly and asked for questions.  

4. Proposed routes, rides & tours in 2016  

Weekend rides 

2nd & 3rd April (2 days / 1 night) Sandstone Way
30 /04 to 01 /05: MTB tour of Cheviot 
28 to 31 May (SBH w/e): MTB tour of North Pennines & Yorkshire Dales
15 to 20 July - road bike tour of NW Highlands

MTB Alps: 20th to 28th August 2016 – 8 riders

5. Fund raising events /opportunities in 2016

1. 25th / 26th June 2016: MTB Sportive - Ride the Sandstone Way on the Longest Day (or w/e) 
2. Late July 2016: North Pennines Marathon 
3. Mark Beaumont Presentation, Newcastle – November date TBC 
3. Other options TBA


Roy suggested the club should be more proactive in the locale. Ted replied that the route Roy referred to had been investigated and more effort will be made but success depended on landowner agreement. Ted added other negotiations were on-going for family type access but under the radar.

The meeting ended at 9-15pm followed by social time