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This map/guide reveals the best mountain biking routes in the Cheviot Hills. The Mountain Bike Cheviot Hills Orbital is a classic tour which is three routes in one:

  • The very challenging one day MTB Cheviot Hills Orbital 82.5 km / 51.6 miles (bi-directional)
  • The demanding two-day MTB Cheviot Hills Orbital 82.5 km / 51.6 miles (bi-directional)
  • Two separate stunning loop tours of the Cheviots

– the North loop 63 km / 39.5 miles (anti clock)

– the South loop 42 km / 26 miles (clockwise)

The recommended DIRECTION OF TRAVEL for all but the South loop is anti-clockwise.

The excellent MTB traverse route really is best ridden in an easterly direction.

The recommended Direction of Travel for the western flank is north to south in terms of terrain, views, challenge, scenery, situations and brief passage into Scotland. Some would say the eastern flank route is less dramatic but it’s certainly no less challenging.

One Day MTB Cheviot Orbital Challenge: The clue is in the name and should not be underestimated.

The Two Day MTB Cheviot Orbital: The obvious refreshment or overnight stops are Alwinton and Wooler with a very welcome refreshment opportunity at Ingram.


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